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Holding the Scent: A Guide to Incense Holders for Every Aesthetic


From the mystic temples of the East to the cozy corners of Bohemian abodes in the West, the gentle waft of incense has been a constant. These fragrant tendrils of smoke have been an integral part of religious rituals, meditation practices, and simple moments of reflection for millennia. While the aroma of the incense is significant, equally crucial is the vessel that holds it. An incense holder or incense burner isn’t just a functional piece; it is an embodiment of art, spirit, and purpose.

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Why is the Right Incense Holder Essential?

coil incense holder

Safety Considerations

Safety is paramount, and before we dive into the visual and artistic appeal of incense holders, it’s essential to underscore their role in ensuring a serene and hazard-free burning experience:

  • Prevention of ash spillage: The right holder ensures that as the incense burns, every trace of ash is neatly caught, preserving the sanctity and cleanliness of your spaces.
  • Reduced risk of fire hazards: Without supervision or when placed on unstable platforms, incense sticks can become potential fire hazards. The design and stability of a dependable holder can minimize such risks, making sure the glowing ember remains securely in place.
  • Stability during burning: An incense stick that tips over disrupts the peace of the moment. A reliable holder will ensure its steadiness, offering a seamless aromatic journey.

Are you still new to burning incense? Read our guide on how to light incense as a beginner.

Enhancing the Aesthetic

The incense holder, beyond its utilitarian function, is an emblem of artistry and ambiance:

  • Complementing interior décor: An incense holder is not just an accessory; it can harmonize with and elevate your home’s aesthetic. Contemporary designs can subtly infuse elegance into modern homes.
  • Accentuating spiritual spaces: For many, incense burning is deeply spiritual. In such contexts, the holder becomes more than just a tool—it transforms into a sacred emblem. Designs that resonate with various spiritual motifs underscore this essence.
  • Making a style statement: Beyond function and spirituality, sometimes, an incense holder is about flair and panache. Unique and artful designs not only hold the incense but also captivate attention.
wooden holder

Different Types of Incense Holders

The world of incense holders or incense burners is as varied and diverse as the fragrances they hold. Understanding the different types can help you make an informed choice, ensuring that your incense-burning experience is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Stick Incense Holders

stick incense holder

These are, perhaps, the most common types you’ll come across, designed explicitly for stick incense:

  • Vertical holders: These stand upright and allow the incense stick to be held vertically. The ash falls straight down, making it easy to clean.
  • Ash catcher designs: A flat design, often wooden, where the incense stick is held at a slight angle. The ash falls and collects along the length of the holder.
  • Multi-stick holders: For those times when one stick isn’t enough, these holders come with multiple slots, allowing you to burn several sticks simultaneously.

The design you choose should depend on your needs. If you burn incense occasionally and in small quantities, a simple vertical holder or ash catcher might suffice. However, if you’re hosting a meditation session or a relaxing spa day at home, a multi-stick holder could be the right choice.

Cone Incense Holders

backflow incense burner

While stick incense might be the most recognizable form for many, cone incense has been growing in popularity due to its intense aroma and unique shape. To accompany these small, conical fragrances, specialized holders have been crafted:

  • Basic cone dishes: Simplicity at its finest. These are usually shallow dishes, often made of ceramic or metal, designed to hold the cone securely as it burns. The broad base captures the ash efficiently.
  • Tiered waterfalls: A spectacle for both the nose and eyes. These holders are crafted in a way that the smoke from the burning cone flows down in a mesmerizing cascade, resembling a smoky waterfall. Ideal for those who want an added visual element to their aromatic experience. Keep in mind you need special backflow cones for this type of incense burner. Read our in-depth blog post about all the Different Types of Backflow/Waterfall Incense Burners.
  • Decorative trays: Combining function with artistry, these trays can hold one or multiple cones and often come adorned with intricate designs or motifs. They not only ensure a safe burn but also act as decorative pieces in your space.

When selecting a cone incense holder, consider your priorities. If you value straightforward functionality, a basic cone dish may be your best choice. For those who appreciate a visual component to their olfactory experience, tiered waterfalls offer a captivating display. And if you’re looking to combine practical use with decorative appeal, a decorative tray will serve you well. Choose the holder that aligns with your needs and aesthetic tastes to make the most of your cone incense experience.

Coil and Resin Holders

Beyond sticks and cones, the world of incense introduces us to coils and resin. These forms have their own unique appeal, providing a more prolonged and often richer aromatic experience. Naturally, their distinct shapes and burning characteristics demand specialized holders.

Coil Incense Holders

coil incense holder

Often found in traditional East Asian settings, coil incense has a spiral shape and can burn for an extended period:

  • Flat Base Holders: These are designed to accommodate the spiral shape, allowing the coil to lay flat. Made typically from metal or ceramic, they ensure that the coil burns uniformly.
  • Hanging Designs: Some coil holders suspend the incense in the air, ensuring optimal airflow and even burning. They often come with a hook or chain mechanism, making them a captivating sight when in use.

When it comes to choosing a coil incense holder, think about space and presentation. Flat base holders are practical and make for easy placement on tables or other flat surfaces. On the other hand, hanging designs can be more visually striking and enhance airflow, making them ideal for more spacious settings or as a focal point.

Resin Incense Holders

resin incense burner

Resin incense, the hardened sap from trees, offers a deep, natural scent. Burning resin is an age-old practice, and its holders are designed for its unique needs:

  • Charcoal Burners: Resin is often placed on a lit charcoal disc. These burners, usually made of metal, come with a mesh or perforated top for placing the charcoal and resin. The base is designed to dissipate heat and prevent surface damage.
  • Censers: Often seen in religious settings, censers are ornate metal vessels, sometimes with chains, allowing them to be swung, dispersing the resin’s aromatic smoke more widely.
  • Electric Burners: These burners use electrical heat to warm up the resin, making them a convenient and smoke-free option. Like charcoal burners, they usually have a designated area for placing the incense, but they rely on electric heat rather than an open flame.

For resin incense, your choice may depend on tradition, convenience, and the setting where you’ll be burning the incense. Charcoal burners offer a traditional method but require an open flame. Censers add a ceremonial touch and are often used in religious or ritualistic contexts. Electric burners provide the most convenience and safety, being smoke-free and adjustable, making them ideal for everyday, indoor use.

Materials and Craftsmanship: The Art Behind Incense Holders

The choice of material for an incense holder doesn’t only dictate its durability and safety but also influences its aesthetic appeal and energy. Just as the fragrance of incense can set the mood, so can the tactile and visual charm of its holder.

incense holder

Wooden Incense Holders

  • Aesthetic and Vibe: Wood exudes warmth and natural charm. It’s perfect for spaces that resonate with earthy tones and rustic aesthetics.
  • Craftsmanship: Wooden holders often showcase the grains and natural patterns of the wood, with some adorned with intricate carvings or inlays.
  • Safety Tip: Being combustible, it’s essential to ensure that burning incense doesn’t come directly in contact with the wooden surface.

Ceramic and Porcelain Holders

  • Aesthetic and Vibe: Ceramics and porcelain offer a delicate and refined appearance. They fit seamlessly into both modern minimalist settings and traditional spaces.
  • Craftsmanship: Many ceramic holders are hand-painted, while others flaunt the raw, glossy, or matte finish of their firing process.

Metallic Incense Holders

  • Aesthetic and Vibe: Metal holders, be it brass, copper, or silver, carry an aura of timelessness and durability. They can be both grand and understated, depending on their design.
  • Craftsmanship: Metalworking is an ancient art. Many metallic holders exhibit intricate engravings, embossments, or even semi-precious stone inlays.

Stone and Crystal Holders

  • Aesthetic and Vibe: For those who believe in the energetic properties of stones and crystals, such holders not only hold incense but also radiate their inherent energy. They bring a touch of mystique and nature into a space.
  • Craftsmanship: These are often carved directly from larger pieces, with some polished to a high sheen while others retain their rugged, natural texture.

When choosing the material for your incense holder, it’s essential to strike a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and personal resonance. A holder is more than just a functional piece; it’s an artifact that adds to the story of your space.

DIY Incense Holders

For the creatively inclined, crafting a personalized incense holder can be a rewarding experience. Not only does it cater to specific aesthetic preferences, but it also infuses the space with personal energy.

  • Clay Creations: Using air-dry clay, one can mold holders into desired shapes, painting or engraving them once dry.
  • Woodwork Wonders: With basic woodworking tools, crafting wooden holders with personal designs can be both fun and therapeutic.
  • Nature’s Charm: Using stones, shells, or driftwood from personal collections can make for unique and meaningful holders.


As we navigate the winding paths of the incense realm, it becomes evident that incense holders play a pivotal role, balancing the delicate dance between functionality and aesthetics. Holding the scent is not merely about ensuring the ash from incense doesn’t scatter. It’s about creating a symphony where the fragrance serenades with visuals, where the ephemeral nature of scent finds grounding in the tangible presence of crafted holders.

Whether you’re an avid incense enthusiast or someone just stepping into this aromatic world, choosing the right holder adds depth to the experience. It’s akin to choosing the frame for a piece of art. The artwork, in this case, being the ascending smoke and the lingering aroma that dances gracefully, invoking emotions, memories, and tranquility.

While the plethora of options may seem daunting initially, understanding the nuances of different types, materials, and their care can guide you to a holder that resonates with your space and spirit.

We earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you click a link and make a purchase

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